Daily Documentaries – “The Lord is Not On Trial Here” and “The Challenger”

I have an affliction (i’m sure it’s a syndrome of some sort) which means I struggle to concentrate on one thing unless there are other things going on. I love reading in coffee shops, writing on trains and playing computer games with Time Team on in the background.

With that in mind I am constantly looking out for documentaries to listen to while working. I am lucky that I am the entirety of the drawing office here, so I have plenty of freedom to indulge this quirk.

So, the first of today’s pair:

Peabody award winning documentary “The Lord is Not On Trial Here” tells the story of the 1948 US Supreme court decision which set the precedent of the wall of separation of church and state, and the brave woman who brought the lawsuit, Vashti McCollum. She died in 2006 aged 93. This is well filmed, and beautifully narrated – like all good documentaries, you learn without realising it!

Number 2:


The second is a dramatised documentary about the enquiry into the Challenger disaster, and Richard Feynmann’s contribution to this investigation. I am a huge fan of Feynmann, and his ability to communicate scientific concepts, and his portrayal here seems to have been done with great affection.

The insight into the workings of NASA and the US government of the era is intriguing. Also highly recommended.

Bear in mind that this is only available in the UK at present, and will likely expire after several weeks. Catch it while you can!


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