February already

January, that most maligned of months is consigned to a very boring history book somewhere.

So, Hello February! A month to look forward to. Usually a month with some snow, maybe. Also the month when the F1 teams let their new babies out into the glare of public scrutiny.

Today should be Mclarens launch day, and I am really looking forward to seeing the MP4-27 – reported to be radical. How, we will see. Only one thing is for sure.

It won’t be a looker.

The formula1.com technical section has been updated for the new season, and has some great visuals explaining the rule changes for this year, which will go some way to explaining the design choices of the more conventional teams.

I expect Mclaren and Ferrari to have radical new cars this year, with RB likely having another evolution of there championship winning car – why fix what is more most assuredly not broken? I predict Mercedes to have a strong challenger this year, and the Lotus E20 to be pretty quick out of the blocks too.

As for the others, well I’m going to wait until testing is well under way before I make any judgements.

I’ll put some pics of the Mclaren up when it appears!


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