That time of year again!

Squee, it’s that time of year again! Those anticipation filled weeks in which the F1 circus start revealing their challengers for the year! I have a strange tingly sensation.

This year it’s Caterham’s CT01 which is the first have it’s cosy cover swept ceremoniously aside, to leave it sit blinking in the spotlights.

Ta da!

Well….yikes… A face only a mother spoonbill could love.

That horrific nose is borne of the new regulations for this year governing the height of the nose cone (to improve driver safety in the event of it t-boning another car) so I can imagine that other teams will have similarly ugly solutions in the offing. I guess we’ll get used to them, though. We got used to the lawnmower front wings in 2009, after all!

This car certainly appears less conservative than the previous two years, especially in the rear aerodynamics and the side pods (look how small they are compared with last years blocky design?). It should be interesting to see how Caterham get on this year! I will get a Caterham t-shirt at my yearly F1 race visit (tbc!) to go with my Jensen hat.

Here’s to a new F1 season! In the words of Tychus Findley, “Heyll, it’s about daymn tarme.”


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