Foreword and Forward

Amongst all the slurry of half-hearted New Year’s resolutions lurked a promise that I was secretly excited about, like a delicious raisin in a bland porridge of exercise, tidying and making sure I go to bed before 2am on a work night. A promise to start a blog, to help me write and to motivate me into writing more. And to have somewhere to rant and write about stuff that interested me. Somewhere to indulge an introvert’s embarrassing spasms of extroversion.

Content here will not be about anything particular, just a way to store thoughts and record what I’m thinking about from day to day. I will occasionally post up short stories, or little notes on things I am interested in.

To give you an idea of the type of stuff you might come across on here, I should explain a little about what I deem “interesting”.

In no order whatsoever; I am a huge Formula 1 fan. I am a sceptic and increasingly militant atheist. I am fascinated by cosmology and quantum physics, even though I have a layman’s grasp of each. I am fascinated by religion and myths. I am an irredeemable geek when it comes to computers and table top games. I have a mixed and spotty taste in music, the gaps of which are occasionally filled in by well-meaning and better-listened (is that a term?) friends. I also tend to find new interests fairly regularly – one of the trappings of geekhood –  so this is by no means an exhaustive list.

If you stumble across this, or you are a friend who happens to have caught me out and learned of this blogs existence, then by all means comment and let me know you are here, or point out a particularly cringe worthy grammatical or factual error.

I have to give a very big hat tip to Jaxx for the blog name. She has a great talent for words and for seemlessly combining the intelligent with the silly! That’s a bigger compliment than it sounds.



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